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Wakefield Test Centre

Wakefield, Wrenthorpe, Kirkhamgate, Alverthorpe, Flanshaw, Lupset, Outwood, Newton Hill, Stanley, Robin Hood, Lofthouse, East Ardsley, Tingley, Thornes, Agbrigg, Sandal, Crigglestone, Durkar, Horbury, Horbury Bridge, Middlestown, Ossett.


Pontefract Test Centre

Pontefract, Castleford, Normanton, Altofts, Glasshoughton, Sharlston, Featherstone, Ferrybridge, Knottingley, Crofton, Whitwood, Fitzwilliam, Hemsworth, Havercroft, Ackworth, Purston Jaglin, Notton.


Plus South Leeds areas of

Morley, Middleton, Thorpe, Carlton, Rothwell, Woodlesford, Swillington, Oulton, Methley.

Member of the WDIA

(Wakefield Driving Instructor Association)

Member of the PDIA



(Pontefract Driving Instructors Association)

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Craig - November 2017


Mike from the very start believed in me and brought the confidence I never thought I'd have.

He showed me lots of different ways of how to reverse and the tips he tells you work every time effortlessly.

He's so warm and welcoming makes you want to learn more and more.

His learning methods are 100% best in the business.

His character makes you feel like you're driving with a friend and it helps you calm down and relax when driving. His knowledge of the tests makes you able to prepare efficiently.

I'll miss all the chats and fun we had behind the wheel!

Thanks a lot for making driving so easy and thanks for been a great friend.

I hope the driving charity fund for children in need grows and grows!

Amie - November 2017

Congratulations to Amie on passing her driving test at the Wakefield Test Centre!

Another first time pass! this time with no faults at all!

So a perfect drive! Well done Amie!

(Nationally one in approx 10,000 tests manage a perfect result, so be very proud Amie)

( Awaiting full review )

Lucy - October 2017


Mike is absolutely fab!


Would never have thought I’d have been passed as quickly as I did all thanks to him.


He was always patient and made you feel so comfortable behind the wheel.

Enjoyed every lesson I had.


Massive thank you to him for always being such an amazing instructor and getting me through my test.


Would highly recommend him to anyone!

Joanne - September 2017


"A 'MASSIVE' THANK YOU to Mike for all his patience, guidance and support in helping me achieve my goal.

I couldn't have done it without him.

Mike always made me feel relaxed and was always willing to go the extra mile.

 Mike was always cheerful and pleasant.

I am going to miss the banter when I made silly mistakes.

I would definitely recommend Mike to all you new learners!!!"

Katrina - August 2017


"I just want to say a massive thank you to Mike! Especially on the day of my test! I was a nervous wreck and he calmed me down straight away!


I never believed in a 1000 years I would pass my test first time!


But he believed in me!


He really is one in a million! And has the patience of a saint!


I really am going to miss our Saturday morning banter!


Once again Mike thank you so much."


Chloe - August 2017



"Mike is absolutely amazing at his job and made me feel so much calmer for my test before I took it.


Honestly a credit to Paragon Driving School!


I wouldn't have passed without him "



Nichola - August 2017


"Fantastic Mike got me through my driving test today!


Mike is the most amazing instructor, builds your confidence from the word go, I can't thank Mike enough, having faith in my ability and laughing at my daft mistakes.


Thanks Mike for everything, passing my test will give me my freedom and open up new opportunities.


I would highly recommend Mike."




Jack - July 2017


"Mike put me through my test with no problem at all!


Couldn’t recommend him enough very calm and relaxed man!


Thank you mike!"

Joe - June 2017


"Mike is an exceptional instructor!



Both his teaching and his help and the help and support he gives with continuous words of encouragement are second to none.


I don't think I could have got through my driving test without him and I would definitely recommend him to anybody needing lessons.


Thanks again Mike."

Shaun - May 2017


"Great instructor.


I was very nervous to start with and wasn't able to get the hang of driving with another instructor, but switching over to Mike helped a lot.


He's very engaging and calming and it didn't seem to annoy or faze him whenever I made a mistake, which is an A+ trait for a driving instructor to have.


Lessons were always enjoyable and he really helped me get ready for my test.



Emma - May 2017

"I passed my driving test with mike despite being so nervous and lacking confidence in my ability.


Mike always made me feel safe and he was so calm and patient, a real boost when things aren't going the way you want!


I will really miss my lessons with Mike, such a lovely guy and I am so grateful that he got me through my test. 


Mike's lessons are well worth the money. He's a fantastic instructor and someone you can have a chat and a giggle with."

Carmel - April 2017


Congratulations to Carmel on passing her driving test at the Heckmondwike Test Centre


A great drive, Well done you!



(Awaiting full review)

Emma - April 2017


"Mike is a wonderful driving instructor and he got me through my test first time in just 5 months!


His prices are very reasonable and you always get your moneys worth. He's so calm and patient so you have nothing to worry about if you get a little nervous, you're be in safe hands!


I would highly recommend him to anyone and now that I've passed my test, I'm going to miss his lessons"

Charlotte - April 2017



"Mike is a wonderful instructor who makes lessons fun and tests seem less daunting!



Passed me and both my brothers (triplets) first time!



Would definitely recommend him to all!

Maegan - April 2017


"If I could give a higher rating than 5, I would!

Mike is truly one of the best instructor's around, because he is extremely patient, kind, accommodating and has a great sense of humour which always makes the lessons enjoyable.

Thank you Mike for seeing me through and staying sane in the process!

Could not have done it without you!

Will miss my lessons with you but I am so happy that I've passed – First time too!!

Keep in touch!"

Caroline - March 2017




"Mike is a very patient guy makes you feel at ease when behind the wheel he is a very good instructor!


I would recommend mike to anyone who wants to learn to drive”

Darren - March 2017


"Thanks Mike for helping me pass my driving test first time!


Great instructor!


Many thanks, Darren.”

Sam - March 2017

Congratulations to sam on passing his driving test on his first attempt!

A great drive, just like his brother Joseph did a few weeks ago!

Both first time passes!

(Awaiting full review)

Leanne - February 2017

"I never thought I would pass my Driving test but Mike has ensured I got through it with his constant reassurance, encouragement and patience.

I would recommend Mike to anyone.
If he can get a nervous wreck like me through it, anybody can do it!
Thanks again Mike."

Joseph - February 2017


“Absolutely 5 Star, through and through.


First time pass with only 2 minors.


All down to exceptional teaching. Incredibly friendly and charismatic.


I would recommend to anyone!


Thank you very much to Mike and Paragon driving school!"

Nicky - February 2017


"I could never have passed my driving test without Mikes constant kindness, patience and encouragement.

Excellent driving instructor who had turned me from a nervous wreck to a confident proficient driver.

Would highly recommend using Mike to anyone who is wanting to take their driving lessons.

Will miss our weekly drives very much. Thank you Mike Moorhouse for everything. Look forward to doing my Pass Plus with you soon. ????."

Beth - January 2017


"Mike has been great from start to finish, when you're on your lessons it's like chatting with a friend he really puts you at ease.


He is always really accommodating when it comes to fitting in or changing lessons.


Thanks Mike x."

Paige - January 2017


"Mike has been an amazing driving instructor and I have had a great experience driving, I would highly recommend paragon driving school to anyone wishing to take lessons.


When I first started having lessons I was very nervous and Mike made me feel at ease and comfortable, which them progressed to helping me pass my test.


Thank you so much Mike for all you support and help with this great experience x."

Hollie - January 2017


"Mike is an excellent driving instructor.


He's really friendly, easy to get along with and patient.


I would definitely recommend him!"


Also did my Pass Plus with Mike and Paragon Driving School, not only did it save money on my car insurance, but a really great experience, well worth it!


(Please see Pass Plus page for further details and images)

Sarah - December 2016


Mike is an excellent driving instructor!


He is patient and puts you at ease from the moment you get in the car.


I just passed first time with no minors!


Absolutely amazing and would recommend to everyone.

Jordan - November 2016

On the 14th November I passed my driving test first time in pontefract with mike.

He is the most patient person I have ever met. I started learning in February after my second lesson I nearly quit as I was so scared and didn't think driving was for me.

Mike helped me get over the fear of driving. He is second to none, he's the best.

Thank you mike.!!!

Lucy - November 2016

Just passed my driving test with the help of Mike from Paragon driving school. I was really nervous when I started my driving lessons, but Mike made me feel instantly calm and relaxed.

He is an excellent instructor, who encourages you constantly and makes you believe in your driving ability.

I would highly recommended Paragon driving school and Mike.

Amy -October 2016


Mike is a great driving instructor who was always calm and could always explain what I had done wrong and what I needed to do to improve.

I had two driving instructors before I came to Mike and I had a real dislike for driving which Mike helped me overcome.

I feel I made progress with Mike quicker than with my other instructors and he really encouraged me and believed I could do it when I was having doubts.


Mike is a genuinely nice, down to earth man and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

David - October 2016

Mike is a brilliant instructor who makes you comfortable and feel at ease while driving.

He is also very easy to get along with and I would recommend he to any learner driver!


Robert - September 2016

Mike is a great instructor. He puts you at ease and makes driving seem easy.

Thanks for your help in getting me through my test and on the road.

Ben - August 2016

Congratulations to Ben on passing his driving test on his first attempt at the Wakefield driving test centre, a great drive, well done you!

(Awaiting Full Review)

Eleisha - July 2016

Mike is a brilliant driving instructor! So friendly and easy to get along with and makes you feel very at ease and confident when driving.

Thank you for getting me passed even if it did take us a few goes! Would really recommend.

Heidi - June 2016

I have just passed my Pass Plus with Mike and Paragon Driving School, I learnt a lot and it was great catching up with Mike again, I actually missed my lessons with him! The motorway part of this course was especially helpful! I now feel confident to travel on a motorway and I never thought I would say that! Apart from that I also saved over £500.00 of my first years insurance, I can highly recommend this course!

Paul – May 2016

"Brilliant instructor, mike was very patient and understanding.

I had just got rid of what I thought was a bad instructor, and mike proved me right as he was mint and like a breath of fresh air!

I’d recommend him to any learner."

Dan - March 2016

Mike is a fantastic instructor, who is easy to get along with and very friendly.Mike makes the learning enjoyable whilst being very patient with learning drivers. Mike got me to pass first time and I would recommend him to anyone.

Beth H - February 2016

Passed my test today and couldn't have done it without the help of Mike and paragon driving school!

So pleased, thanks mike

Connor - February 2016

Mike is a great driving instructor who is easy to get along with, just a shame he supports Huddersfield Town FC! (Leeds Fan)

Beth E - February 2016

I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone!
He always made me feel comfortable from the very first day and helped me become a very confident driver.
His relaxed and humorous personality meant that he is now a friend as well as a driving instructor and I am so glad I chose to start my lessons with him.
Thanks for everything!

Steph - February 2016

I remember back at the beginning how nervous I was about meeting Mike and having driving lessons for the first time.
The first time I set foot in the car Mike made me feel so comfortable.
He never once shouted at me no matter how badly I was driving, this helped my confidence immensely. I would recommend him to anyone - if you're wanting to learn to drive I would definitely choose Mike!

Thank You for everything, you are seriously the best!

Jessica - January 2016

Mike is a friendly understanding very patient instructor who always turned up on time. He answered all my stupid questions without making me feel stupid. He taught me techniques that I will continue to use throughout my driving life. If you want to not only pass your test but become a safe driver than Mike at paragon driving school is for you!

Taylor - December 2015

I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone.

He is friendly, easy to get along with, patient and has great techniques for manoeuvres to make them easy to remember!

Even though I complained about pretty much every part of driving every lesson, he made he feel confident and got me through my test the second time!

Katie - November 2015

I Passed my test recently, despite my nerves!
From lesson one of driving with Mike I felt super happy going home. The lessons, whether scheduled hourly or two-hourly, were jam packed!
Mike always made sure the lesson never went unfinished, if the bay park wasn't perfect, you would do it till it was!
My uncle bought me my first lessons for my 18th birthday and I'm so glad he did!
Always a laugh in the car, brilliant teacher and I cannot thank Mike enough!

Amanda - October 2015

I've just enjoyed the best feeling ever! and that is passing my driving test. To even write this seems like a dream because for me driving was impossible. I first learnt to drive when I was 17, but was too busy going out with my friends to even remember when my lessons were. I tried again at 22 and never even took a test. I then married and had children, so by now I was in my late 20's and tried learning in an automatic; 2 tests later I gave up again. Now I am 42 and have passed my driving test, I have worked hard, Yes; but I know that I needed a special kind of instructor to encourage me and enable me to believe in myself and I found that in Mike Moorhouse. I honestly will recommend him to everyone who is looking for a driving instructor, of all ages without hesitation. Good luck!

Liam - September 2015

Another First Time Pass!

Mike is a great instructor, would definitely recommend.


Thanks for everything!


Beth - August 2015

If you want to pass your test use Mike (Paragon Driving School), Mike is an exceptional driving instructor! 

I wish I had used Mike sooner as it would have saved me alot of time and money. After using four other driving schools in the Leeds/Wakefield area and not passing my test with them, I decided to use Mike through a friend recommendation. 

I am so glad I did as I have now passed my test and Mike was by far the best instructor!

Katie - August 2015

"Mike was so friendly and patient right from the start, was a constant support and had confidence in me throughout!

Couldn't have passed my test the first time without all his help!

Thank you so much for everything"

Sarah - July 2015

"Mike is very friendly and was always very happy in answering every question asked.

Patient teacher who genuinely wants you to pass as soon as you're ready to.

Would definitely recommend to others!"


Sophie - July 2015

I was really nervous to start driving again because I had an instructor previously who wasn't very nice and shouted at me every time I did something wrong. This certainly wasn't the case with Mike, He didn't once tell me off when I made a mistake. One of the nicest genuine people I've met!!

Thanks so much Mike.

Jessica - July 2015

"I simply couldn't have asked for better if I had tried. 

Mike was the perfect instructor for me, he understood and solved any problem I came across, always remained positive and calm even if I didn't! He took an interest in me as well as my driving which shows that he cares about his students which is really nice to know and there are certainly a lot of other things I could talk about but I am telling you, just try him out for yourself and I won't have to explain!

The only bad thing about passing my driving test was that I realized I wouldn't get to spend at least 1 day a week with Mike and that I would miss my time with him whether it would be a bundle of laughs or me being in a temperamental mood, haha! So overall, you would be silly not to learn with Paragon. Definitely."

Fatimah - July 2015


"Mike is such a good instructor, teaches everything thoroughly and motivates success.

Learning to drive for me was a very enjoyable experience!"

Jordan - June 2015



Very friendly got me a pass first time and great value for money.

Thanks a lot Mike couldn't have done it without you and I would recommend you to anybody."


Bhavana - June 2015

"I'm not new to driving but needed some lessons to get a UK driving license. On the recommendation of two friends, who have both driven with Mike, I chose Paragon Driving School even though I had to wait a little, as he was booked full at the time. When I started lessons, I could see why that was, as Mike is really friendly, supportive and very accommodating. I took about 10 hours of lessons to be ready for my test, and then additional mock tests leading up to the test were very helpful in making me feel more prepared.

Lessons are good fun as there's no space to be nervous with Mike's friendliness and sense of humour! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to pass their driving test!"


Damian - May 2015


"Absolutely amazing mike was the best instructor I've ever been with!


Really happy with everything I was taught and had an amazing time learning thank you."


Sophie - April 2015

"Mike is an excellent driving instructor that makes you feel at ease from day one. He's friendly, chatty and makes every lesson enjoyable.

Also, Mike has brilliant tips on how to tackle any manoeuvre.

I 100% recommend him to anyone!"

Arwah – April 2015

"I have always been terrified of being behind the wheel and having had a bad experience with a previous instructor really knocked my confidence down. I started taking lessons with Mike and he instantly helped build my confidence back up and get rid of my nerves and all the bad habits I picked up. I began to enjoy driving, felt relaxed, and nerves were no longer a problem.

I was so close to giving up but with Mike's help and patience I persevered! Would gladly recommend Mike to anyone!"

Yusuf – April 2015

"Mike is an exceptional driving instructor! Tailors each lesson to suit your style of learning and always makes sure you're comfortable before proceeding. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor and most importantly helped me pass first time!"


Sophie - March 2015

Mike really is the best driving instructor ever!

He always had faith in me and confidence, he always belived in me and told me I was better than I thought and I really could not of done it without him.

I will miss seeing him, he was always so joyful and such a great person as well as an instructor!

 Sam - February 2015

From start to finish mike has been absolutely amazing, going above and beyond to ensure that I felt comfortable and ready to take my test. Mike is patient and understanding which helps a lot with the inevitable nerves. Guiding me through every step on the road to driving including the theory and using great methods like the mock tests, I couldn't imagine having a better instructor. Recommend 110% thanks mike! 

Heidi - Februry 2015

Fantastic driving instructor, mike makes you feel at ease from day one.

Can't thank mike enough for all the support and encouragement.

Highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to learn. 

Thank you mike

(Rukhsaar) Suman - January 2015 

From the beginning, Mike was easy to get along with and he went at my own pace of learning which gave me alot more confidence. 

He made sure I was completely ready for my test by practising many mock tests before-hand. 

Thank you

Chloe - January 2015

Mike is an excellent driving instructor.

He is very patient and has a very friendly relaxed approach which puts you at ease straight away. Mike is very flexible and a great timekeeper.

I am going to miss driving with Mike and recommend him 110% to anyone!!

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